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Moving is a payed platform where you can become a member and join not only my Yoga classes but also a lot of other great teachers from all around the globe!

I will regularly upload new videos for you and will give my best to make this online practice very  enjoyable for you!

Please make sure to use my code LISAP25 to get a free trial period of 10 days  and 25% off of the regular monthly or annual membership price at Moviing (you can cancel at any time)! 

Using my code for the monthly membership, you would only pay 10,50€ instead of 14€. And a annual membership would be only 81€ (6,75€ a month) instead of 108€.

All you have to do is click the link below, create your account and use my code LISAP25 to enjoy all the benefits:

I am very happy to share this offer with you and extremely grateful for all your support!